Abandoned in 1975, the Market Street Power Plant is located in New Orleans right on the Mississippi River. We “let ourselves in” to chronicle the awesome graffiti, and set the video to an original track.

With all the crap they pack into drinks these days, this concept isn’t too far fetched. This was an alcohol fueled, funny sketch capturing how ambitious and rowdy we can all be at times.

We were far too young, and the technology did not exist at the time. But the aim of this bit was to create a visual centered around one question… What would it be like if Reloaded504 had been around in the 80’s?

No matter their status in life, I’m sure it’s every man’s dream to be idolized. This skit pokes fun at the sexual frenzy that might occur if Reloaded504 suddenly became the center of every woman’s world.

This creative was in an effort to promote Reloaded504’s free sticker give-a-way. They theorized that placing the stickers in bathrooms would give the show its fair share of attention. And what better place to entertain yourself? May our shit echo among the same walls as yours!

Do we have racing snails for sale? Not exactly. But you must admit these critters would provide hours of drunken excitement if only they could move like this!